Computer Education Net

As technology becomes more ubiquitous in western society, the proliferation of computers and computational thinking permeates other areas of study and inquiry. This website has been created to encourage and support the inclusion of computers and computational thinking in education at all levels.

Initially we have chosen to focus on mathematics, as many resources already exist that combine the fields of math and computers. Eventually, however, we hope to branch out and support all fields that may benefit from computer-centered learning.

Wolfram Demonstrations Project

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Conceived by Mathematica creator and scientist Stephen Wolfram as a way to bring computational exploration to the widest possible audience, the Wolfram Demonstrations Project is an open-code resource that uses dynamic computation to illuminate concepts in science, technology, mathematics, art, finance, and a remarkable range of other fields.

The Franklin Institute Resources for Science Learning

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Within the Resources for Science Learning website, users can find online science content, resources and professional development opportunities for educators, and information about CISL initiatives. Users will also see the efforts of The Franklin Institute's Franklin Center, which includes The Franklin Awards Program, The Benjamin Franklin National Memorial, and The Journal of The Franklin Institute.


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Produced by the same company that created Wolfram Alpha, MathWorld is an encyclopedic collection of mathematical definitions, examples, and explanations.

Sitmo Equation Editor

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Along with several financial calculation tools, Sitmo provides a free LaTeX based equation editor that can be embedded on any website.

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